For more than 10 years, my professional work and personal creative ambitions have centered around finding "what's next" for sharing the message and mission of the Church.

Collaborating alongside pastors, priests and lay church leaders, I have worked to lead the way in creating strategies, tools and content to serve the Church’s mission and further the reach of its message. Throughout my years of work in the Church, as both a volunteer and staff member, I've had the privilege to be part of many creative and ingenuitive ministry projects. 

In my current role as Digital Evangelist for the Episcopal Church, I lead the Church's efforts to strategize for the building of relationships, creating community, and fostering an aspirational online social presence by managing and implementing the Episcopal Church's growing digital evangelism ministry. A member of the Office of Communications, my position reports to the Presiding Bishop’s Canon for Ministry Within the Episcopal Church.

Prior to joining the Presiding Bishop's staff, I served as the Director of Communications at Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh, N.C.

A native Kentuckian and University of Kentucky graduate (go Cats!), I currently reside in and work from Philadelphia, Penn.