Working with Jeremy has been delightful and insightful. The final product, a beautiful and professional looking website, was only the tip of the iceberg in this process.

He gave me the confidence and vision to see this website as a tool for evangelism. By showing me how to my share faith journey and life experience in a new and broad way, he helped me to create a platform to foster connections that would have never been possible otherwise. He also has a wealth of professional expertise, an artistic eye, an understanding of web metrics and search engine mechanics, and a gift for teaching that I found invaluable. He was able to show me how I would be able to use this in the future, which will make this website feel alive and vibrant.

Finally, he has a deep understanding of some of the pressures and limitations that have been placed on groups like young clergy woman and minorities, an understanding that grounds this work in advocacy for him. I highly recommend working with Jeremy, for the gift of a great website, and for the joy of being a part of his ministry.

The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining
Rector, St. Christopher's Episcoal Church
Gladwyne, PA

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