Let's work together to tell your story.

For years now, I've worked with ministry leaders across the Church. Some of these leaders serve in large urban parishes, others in small rural churches, and some are working to develop innovative ministries that don't fit into any box or category. The common thread running through them all is this - their story is unique and their perspective is all their own. As a communicator with a passion for telling the Church's story, I know there's great value in the contributions of every minister, priest, pastor, and chaplain living out their call.

As I've developed these relationships through conversations and over lots of coffee, a new concept began to emerge.

What if there were a way to pair the gifts and stories of ministers across the church with digital tools that are readily available to share those stories and gifts with the world? Could we, together, streamline the process of collecting stories and sharing perspectives with the world? What if we remove the barriers created by high-cost websites and coding, and give ministers the tools they need to tell their own stories?

The system I've developed allows me to work directly with ministry leaders to create an online home for their stories, projects, sermons, and much more. In fact, the platform and the sites are completely customizable, so the limits of the final project are only bound by our creativity and shared vision.

"By showing me how to share my faith journey and life experience in a new and broad way, Jeremy helped me create a platform to foster connections that would have never been possible otherwise."

The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining
Rector, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church
Gladwyne, PA

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